Changing your user account / logging out

SINEplayer is intended to be used with a single user account.
You can not log in with multiple accounts at the same time, and logging in with a different account will make SINEplayer unable to load the instruments from the original account. Therefore, you usually should not change your account!

Logging in with a different account

To log in with another account, you need to delete the user.json file in the SINEplayer Data Folder. This will wipe your system activation. Because SINEplayer won't be able to load existing instruments, you will also likely want to delete Library.json in the same folder.  Then just start SINEplayer and log in with your (new) account details. You can then download instruments from the new account as normal. Again, keep in mind SINE will not be able to read any instruments from the old account!

Switching between accounts

Because SINEplayer's instruments are specific to the account they have been downloaded with, you can not switch back and forth between multiple accounts! All instruments from the other account(s) would not load. If for whatever reason you think you need to switch between accounts, please get in touch with OT Support.

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