Introduction to Downloading and Installing SINEplayer Collections

Thank you very much for purchasing an Orchestral Tools collection! SINEplayer makes downloading and installing instruments and collections very easy. This document contains information about the installation and activation process for your purchase. Please read this document carefully. If you experience problems, you might find solutions in the FAQ sections of our Helpdesk.

All installations are done through SINEplayer itself, so you do not need to download any special software.

Before you can download any instruments you need to download SINEplayer and activate it with your account. After you have done this, your MyLicenses page will show all your licensed instruments.

You can then download new Instruments, or update existing ones.

	Important: This Installation Guide does not cover the general usage and features of Orchestral Tools collections. These topics are explained step by step in the User Guide, which you can find on our Helpdesk.

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